Welcome To My Blog!

Hello! Thanks for dropping by! Welcome to my blog, Life's Little Lemon's. My name is Seana and here you'll find my blog posts on job tips, cleaning tricks, everyday life hacks, recipes, money saving hacks, stories and the like. Like many people (I hope), I am human and make mistakes and am lazy from time to time. I learn best from my mistakes and try to improve upon myself for future encounters when all is said and done.

You'll find I'm quite quirky and satirically punny; I often make nerdy references to Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Science, Musicals. If you spend 10 minutes with me you'll find that I make up arbitrary songs about everyday things, which can be a little off putting at times. I am a great singer, it's just that my improvized songs are particularly idiosyncratic to my goofy persona.

At any rate, my goal is to provide my readers with some useful tips  by posting content on how to well, adult. I hope I am able to do this in both an informative an entertaining manner. Even if I do get a little side-tracked on the way. :) 

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

Email: Seanaskrent@gmail.com